Crema Marfil Marble, Hig quality guaranteed.


Our Crema Marfil is a natural Stone exclusively extracted from quarries in Alicante (spain), being Monte Coto in Pinoso (Alicante), the quarry with major reserves and greatest quality worldwide. Our quarry is precisely located in Monte Coto, which therefore ensures our clients with and excellent quality.

Our natural stone, with it´s so well-known lightly veined cream color, is versatile, elegant and at the same time modern. Being delicate yet resistant, a whimsical product offered to us by nature which Manchamar puts at your service.

A unique

Thanks to the unique characteristics of the quarry, our Crema Marfil differs from others, due to its light tone creating a uniform background, giving greater beauty to the areas where it is placed and providing an easier classification and lay out, to meet each and every client´s requests and needs, we are able to produce different sizes such as 2 cm slabs, and cut to size 60x60x2cm and 60x30x2cm.

For any other size you may require, please consult conditions.

Qualities .

Different from any other material, our Crema Marfil, being a natural stone, permits itself to be designed and created according to Mother Nature´s whims, who personally engraves and distinguishes each block that is extracted from the quarry; bringing out a singular beauty and vein design to every slab and tile that we produce. The main characteristic of our Crema Marfl is always its light uniform background. The whimsical creativity of Nature requires thus our personal classification into different tones.

Extracted from our own quarry, processed with leading technology and always under the supervision of our greatest experts, the material is therefore ready to be classified into four different qualities.


The outstanding characteristic of our Crema Marfil quarry is precisely its creamy uniform color and background. This specific quality is highlighted with veins which give personality to all those projects where it is placed.


The most popular and sold Crema Marfil worldwide. It represents the essence of this precious material. Its soft tone and whimsical veins weave together to create elegant shapes, making unique floors impossible to copy or even repeat.


Its thin veining, hardly visible, brings out a luxurious creamy background color. A uniform sensation surrounds the specific space creating unique atmosphere.


An absolutely clean material with no veins, offers the purest and most elegant Crema Marfil of all.

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    Thanks to its light tone and fine, elegant veining, Crema Marfil is highly regarded by architects and interior decorators worldwide, making Crema Marfil one of the mostly sold marbles with greater demand.

    One of the most important characteristics of Crema Marfil is its multipurpose as to the different finishes. Polishing-aged or sandblasted are only a few of the functional processes it may undergo, making it an adaptable, material to any style, are or design.


    Crema Marfil´s great versatility and resistance allows its use in both decoration and interior refurbishment, for example kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, counter tops, etc., as for interior use and fronts of buildings, windowsills, swimming pools, …

    The uses of this marble are as extensive as your imagination. It is generally used for walls and floors, but nowadays it may be used as shower dish, furniture and large variety of decorative items.

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    Who is our Crema Marfil directed to?

    The presentation and packing of our Crema marfil is specially and specifically directed to distributors and wholesalers that deal with Natural Stone. Our packing system is perfectly adapted to overseas exportation meeting each and every international and local rule and regulation,The distributor who receives Crema Marfil from Manchamar knows he is surely receiving a perfect classification of the material both in crate or bundle, which enables him make a much better transaction in his local market.Buying Crema Marfil from Manchamar means choosing quality, trust and relief. This is only possible when working with great worldwide reference in production as well as distribution of Crema Marfil marble.

    Technical data

    1 g/cm3
    Apparent specific weight
    1 %
    Apparent porosity
    1 %
    Absortion coefficient
    1 kg/cm2
    Mechanical resistance under compression
    1 kg/cm2
    Mechanical resistance under flexion
    1 kg/cm2
    Res. under compression after freeze
    1 mm
    Resistance to wearing
    1 cm
    Impact resistance

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