Crema Marfil tile

Natural Stone is a material extracted directly from Mother Nature and is subject to the whims of the geological evolution. For this reason the Crema Marfil we extract from the quarry, presents unique and incomparable characteristics, this makes its previous classification so important. Once we elaborate our marble, either in slabs or tiles. The different qualities are defined. This will help to fill with harmony and uniformity the areas to be installed; this classification is based on different features that appear on marble, once extracted from the quarry. Most of the times, the different guidelines of classification among the distributors of Crema Marfil make it very difficult for clients to be able to purchase at first sight the qualities and prices between different firms. To try to simplify this difficulty, we would like to explain these 3 important points which must be kept in mind:

  • Do not be guided by the given names of each quality: the names of the different qualities are regulated exclusively by the marketing criteria, which is why one same type of material may receive different names, depending on the distributor that elaborates and classifies it. You must always demand seeing the characteristics of each quality physically, to therefore be able to understand the meaning of the classification which is used in each case.
  • Do not be taken away by the pictures: in international commerce, many times, to avoid trips which suppose an increase in costs, we permit the help of the advanced technologies to be able to see the material we are buying, and we ask for videos and pictures. This is of great help when we are already acquainted with the material of the firm which we are working with. However, this may lead to confusion before making our first purchase and we are not aware of the classification. The best option is to make a personal supervision traveling to make your first order. Once you get in touch with the distributor of Crema Marfil of your choice and trust, videos and pictures will be easy to deal with.
  • Characteristics of Crema Marfil do not change according to the classification: a very important point to keep in mind that sometimes confuses our clients with lack experience, is thinking that by choosing a more economic quality they are devaluating their projects. This has nothing to do with reality. The technical characteristics of Crema Marfil are always the same regardless the quality chosen. Choosing an economical quality does not mean (as it would happen with other products) that we are buying a bad quality material. The classification is done by exclusively dealing with the esthetic criteria and the price is assigned depending on the demand of each quality and the quantity which is extracted of each from the quarry. Therefore we can say that the extra quality has a much higher price just because the quantity extracted from the quarry is below the demand of the market, and commercial quality has a better price, because we have enough production to supply the demand.


If you may need more help to understand the classification of Crema Marfil, the commercial team at Manchamar will be pleased to explain to you each detail in a personalized way. Please have no doubts in asking us with no commitment what so ever.

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