Where it all begins, our crema marfil quarry

To understand the essence of any nature, its origins must be understood. Crema Marfil is the same. To appreciate its nature and unique changing beauty, the provenance of this precious marble must be understood. The crema marfil quarry, is the begining of all the process.

Our marble started to be created thousands of years ago in the inner depths of Monte Coto (Alicante – Spain), where today is located the greatest open air quarry of the world. At our Crema Marfil Quarry, each and every block which is extracted is unique and unrepeatable, where thousands of years of history are printed within. Therefore making this marble the most demanded worldwide for the past 50 years. Many other quarries may be found around ours, having material which is also commercialized under the same name, but the original Crema Marfil is exclusively from Monte Coto. Many other Crema Marfil quarries around the world are found with different colors tones of cream, they have been commercialized under the name of Crema Marfil with no success, since the experts of the worldwide natural stone sector have found a very inferior material in characteristics and quality from which the original quarries offers – The Monte Coto Crema Marfil quarry.

The reasons why this natural stone is so highly valued internationally are many. We would like to highlight the following:

  • The technical characteristics of the stone: which make Crema Marfil the perfect marble to adapt to any kind of project. We can assure that it is one of the most versatile marbles that exist.
  • The options you have with the different finishing’s: this natural stone can be adapted to all likings, being highly susceptible to any finish that the client may desire. The leading finish is polished, but we can do honed, anticato (aged) or rough, among many others.
  • The size of the quarry: As we have mentioned earlier, the quarry of Crema Marfil, located in Monte Coto is the biggest open air exploitation in the world, which assures future supply, and the possibility to fulfill worldwide extremely big projects without any lack of production problems.
  • The beauty characteristics of this marble: the light elegant creamy color, permits this stone to be adapted to any building style. Therefore both architects and interior designers are in favor of it for all kinds of projects from great elegant hotels to small refurbishments.
  • A timeless marble: we are speaking about a stone that can be adapted to any independent space for the chosen desing, from the most classic to the most modern, no matter the era or the tendency. Crema Marfil will always be the perfect choice.
  • Its price: Crema Marfil goes by different classifications, which prices may be adapted to any pocket. A modest budget project has the possibility to choose an elegant veined commercial quality, while those who request exclusivity have the high qualities at their service.

All these characteristics put together make the Crema Marfil quarry the most well-known worldwide. The size of its blocks must also be mentioned. The size of its blocks must also be mentioned. They make it possible to subtract the most. For this reason, the Crema marfil slabs are ideal for suppliers from any part of the world since it has the perfect size for the least waste. If we combine this with the production process that Manchamar applies, once the blocks reach their factory, we can positively affirm, thanks to the opinion of hundreds of clients, that the Crema Marfil we obtain has a quality hard to get anywhere else.

To deal with a firm which has such a long professional trajectory like Manchamar, that has its own quarry, is your best option if you are a distributor that works with or wishes  to start to work  with this marble of such great international demand. Manchamar carefully select its staff, choosing the high qualified professional people, to ensure the extraction of the best possible quality, adjusting the expenses to therefore offer our clients around the world the most competitive marble of the market. As we follow a continuous improvement, the methods of extraction and processing at our plant have the leading technology.

When seeing the enormous blocks extracted from our quarry, one stops and thinks how Crema Marfil ca be so hard yet so moldable at same time. A material extracted directly from the mountain, totally natural, becoming beauty in unique areas for all to enjoy and admire.

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