Why should you choose buying Crema Marfil from Manchamar?

Alicante is the land that produces all the Crema Marfil which is supplied the world over. A great number of factories and trading companies crowd together to build up this business, which at present, have turned Crema Marfil into the most sold marble worldwide. The visitors who arrive to this town, located in southeastern Spain can easily find a great number of companies where they can purchase similar natural stone, and can even feel lost among the great offer they may find.

Crema Marfil slabs

After over 30 years in this business, Manchamar has detected an overall and growing worry among its clients. The great net of suppliers has overgrown, and it is harder and harder each day to find a serious and trustworthy supplier.

The reason is quite complicated and is due to several reasons; therefore a suitable answer can lead to many more questions, but what we know is what the client needs are:

  • A serious supplier to avoid problems of any kind when material reaches the warehouse.
  • Qualities and prices that totally correspond to the market standards and meet the requirements of each and every client.
  • All this = Manchamar


If you are one of those who share this issue, feel free to visit Manchamar, we will change your way of understanding this market and show you why we are different in seriousness, trust and person to person relationship, what means: A job very well done.

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