Crema Marfil


In the Natural Stone sector, as in the majority of sectors, the negotiation of the price is the key to a successful transaction. The hard pressure and competitiveness that is present when dealing with large projects, makes us search for the most professional distributors. But the major question is; is there a guideline that can be followed to manage the best prices in tiles and slabs of Crema Marfil? To answer this question it is important to be able to understand how this sector works and know the companies that make it up. But sometimes it is not as easy as it seems to get this information. Therefore at Manchamar we wish to offer 5 keys which we consider of great importance when getting the best prices of Crema Marfil:

  • Cash payment: it is well known by all that the banking payment terms, besides being safe, lead to payment commission, which will be more or less high, depending on the type of negotiation. The majority of the firms are ready to offer an attractive discount, if the client has the possibility to make an advanced transfer payment.
  • Volume of purchase: the economical scales are the great allies when reducing production costs. Those firms that have the possibility to plan their purchases and buy a considerable volume of each order, are able to get much more attractive prices, in both material and transportation costs.
  • Buying Crema Marfil in slabs: the more handling of the material, the higher the costs of the product, which increase considerably. Therefore, being able to buy Crema Marfil slabs, instead of <cut-to-size> (tiles), is undeniably the best option if looking for more economic price.
  • Stadandard sizes: not all firms have the possibility to buy the marble in slabs and cut it themselves, but that doesn´t mean that there aren´t ways to get good prices if you need to buy Crema Marfil tiles. The best option to find tiles at competitive prices it to choose the standard sizes as 60x60x2cm or 60x30x2cm, which are the sizes which are used the most worldwide; and therefore are the most produced. If you order different sizes than the standard ones, they will have to be produced under specific order and a higher price will be established which may not fit in your initial budget.
  • Buying a mix of qualities: everybody wants the best possible quality for their projects, but if we are realistic, not all areas are going to have the same visibility, not the same importance. If you can choose the suitable quality for each and every area of your project, or you ask for advice from your supplier, your design will not lack elegance and the final price will be indefinitely more attractive.

We hope these 5 keys have been interesting for you, so you are able to apply them in your future purchases. Finally we would like to add a last comment. Try to always choose a supplier that has his own quarry of Crema Marfil. Maybe he prices do not depend on this so much, but for sure, working with who has the control of the prime material will assure you the quality and future supply.

If you are looking for Crema Marfil, and you believe you can fulfill any of these points, Congratulation! You have all requirements needed to negotiate a good purchase!

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