Crema Marfil marble, as any other Natural Stone, must be transported by vessel to its international destination, because due to its weight, this transportation makes it cheaper. Today, we can affirm that it is not an excessively slow transport. But even so, in the majority of cases, it takes between 2 weeks and a month, depending on the destination. During the time that the marble is travelling in the container, it is going to go through different handlings. To start off, it will be transported from the factory of origin to port of departure by road. Once at the port, the cranes are in charge of storing it until the loading moment. Afterwards, it will be loaded on the vessel to be taken to the destination port. Once there, it will be unloaded and stored to thus be able to be removed from the port and transported to the plant of the receiver. To assure that the material manages to arrive in the best conditions to its final destiny, it is very important for the packaging to fulfill the necessary requirements and that the containers are loaded by expert hands.

We hereby leave you with these 5 keys to keep in mind when importing Crema marfil or any other Natural Stone:

  • Treated wood: the international rule ISPM-15 (International Standard Phytosanitary Measures) have as an aim to prevent infestation of plagues during the commercial transactions between countries, and forces all wooden packing used in International Commerce be treated previously with heat or chemicals (fumigated). It is therefore very important for you, to demand your supplier to use only this type of wood which in addition must have the corresponding stamp (seal) to avoid you any problem at customs.

crema marfil wooden package

  • Strapping: just important as the elaboration of the wooden crates are the strapping used to fasten. It´s correct use is very important to assure the marble to not suffer from swaying during the handling of the container. The strapping permits us to secure the wooden crate or wooden bundle and a good preservation of the loaded Crema marfil.

crema marfil polish slabs

  • Space between tiles: it is important to protect the polished face of the Crema Marfil tiles inside each and every crate to avoid scratching between each tile with the friction, but at the same time, the spacer used must be one of the thinnest as possible to make the most of the maximum space in the crate. We use string to protect the tiles from friction to ensure the best delivery.


  • Space between slabs: the polished surface of each slab, may also suffer during freight and it is important to use a good spacer between it. In our case, the polished face is protected with wax that avoids friction and scratching.


  • Number of slabs per bundle: although it may seem obvious, many times we try to pack each bundle with the maximum number of slabs as possible, which reduces the stability of the packing. It is fundamental to choose the right number of slabs to ensure the correct arrival of the material. Never accept bundles with 2cm slabs that have over 15-16 slabs, or if they are 3cm slabs, request no more that 10-11slabs per bundle.


Finally, if you wish to ensure the best packing conditions and delivery, always deal with firms that have a long experience in the international Natural Stone market. This will help you know special features of each market which will help you to avoid surprises.

We hope that these 5 keys have been of some help to you, for those who are already importing Crema marfil and also for those who are starting. If you have any doubt please get in touch with us; it will be our pleasure to answer all of your questions.

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