Crema Marfil tile

Natural Stone is a material extracted directly from Mother Nature and is subject to the whims of the geological evolution. For this reason the Crema Marfil we extract from the quarry, presents unique and incomparable characteristics, this makes its previous classification so important. Once we elaborate our marble, either in slabs or tiles. The different qualities are defined. This will help to fill with harmony and uniformity the areas to be installed; this classification is based on different features that appear on marble, once extracted from the quarry. Most of the times, the different guidelines of classification among the distributors of Crema Marfil make it very difficult for clients to be able to purchase at first sight the qualities and prices between different firms. To try to simplify this difficulty, we would like to explain these 3 important points which must be kept in mind:

  • Do not be guided by the given names of each quality: the names of the different qualities are regulated exclusively by the marketing criteria, which is why one same type of material may receive different names, depending on the distributor that elaborates and classifies it. You must always demand seeing the characteristics of each quality physically, to therefore be able to understand the meaning of the classification which is used in each case.
  • Do not be taken away by the pictures: in international commerce, many times, to avoid trips which suppose an increase in costs, we permit the help of the advanced technologies to be able to see the material we are buying, and we ask for videos and pictures. This is of great help when we are already acquainted with the material of the firm which we are working with. However, this may lead to confusion before making our first purchase and we are not aware of the classification. The best option is to make a personal supervision traveling to make your first order. Once you get in touch with the distributor of Crema Marfil of your choice and trust, videos and pictures will be easy to deal with.
  • Characteristics of Crema Marfil do not change according to the classification: a very important point to keep in mind that sometimes confuses our clients with lack experience, is thinking that by choosing a more economic quality they are devaluating their projects. This has nothing to do with reality. The technical characteristics of Crema Marfil are always the same regardless the quality chosen. Choosing an economical quality does not mean (as it would happen with other products) that we are buying a bad quality material. The classification is done by exclusively dealing with the esthetic criteria and the price is assigned depending on the demand of each quality and the quantity which is extracted of each from the quarry. Therefore we can say that the extra quality has a much higher price just because the quantity extracted from the quarry is below the demand of the market, and commercial quality has a better price, because we have enough production to supply the demand.


If you may need more help to understand the classification of Crema Marfil, the commercial team at Manchamar will be pleased to explain to you each detail in a personalized way. Please have no doubts in asking us with no commitment what so ever.


Crema Marfil


In the Natural Stone sector, as in the majority of sectors, the negotiation of the price is the key to a successful transaction. The hard pressure and competitiveness that is present when dealing with large projects, makes us search for the most professional distributors. But the major question is; is there a guideline that can be followed to manage the best prices in tiles and slabs of Crema Marfil? To answer this question it is important to be able to understand how this sector works and know the companies that make it up. But sometimes it is not as easy as it seems to get this information. Therefore at Manchamar we wish to offer 5 keys which we consider of great importance when getting the best prices of Crema Marfil:

  • Cash payment: it is well known by all that the banking payment terms, besides being safe, lead to payment commission, which will be more or less high, depending on the type of negotiation. The majority of the firms are ready to offer an attractive discount, if the client has the possibility to make an advanced transfer payment.
  • Volume of purchase: the economical scales are the great allies when reducing production costs. Those firms that have the possibility to plan their purchases and buy a considerable volume of each order, are able to get much more attractive prices, in both material and transportation costs.
  • Buying Crema Marfil in slabs: the more handling of the material, the higher the costs of the product, which increase considerably. Therefore, being able to buy Crema Marfil slabs, instead of <cut-to-size> (tiles), is undeniably the best option if looking for more economic price.
  • Stadandard sizes: not all firms have the possibility to buy the marble in slabs and cut it themselves, but that doesn´t mean that there aren´t ways to get good prices if you need to buy Crema Marfil tiles. The best option to find tiles at competitive prices it to choose the standard sizes as 60x60x2cm or 60x30x2cm, which are the sizes which are used the most worldwide; and therefore are the most produced. If you order different sizes than the standard ones, they will have to be produced under specific order and a higher price will be established which may not fit in your initial budget.
  • Buying a mix of qualities: everybody wants the best possible quality for their projects, but if we are realistic, not all areas are going to have the same visibility, not the same importance. If you can choose the suitable quality for each and every area of your project, or you ask for advice from your supplier, your design will not lack elegance and the final price will be indefinitely more attractive.

We hope these 5 keys have been interesting for you, so you are able to apply them in your future purchases. Finally we would like to add a last comment. Try to always choose a supplier that has his own quarry of Crema Marfil. Maybe he prices do not depend on this so much, but for sure, working with who has the control of the prime material will assure you the quality and future supply.

If you are looking for Crema Marfil, and you believe you can fulfill any of these points, Congratulation! You have all requirements needed to negotiate a good purchase!

Would you like to start negotiating with us? We are at your entire service!


If you were to choose a natural stone for your next project, Which would be the characteristics to highlight? And once chosen, What would you request from your marble supplier above all?

Having clear answers to these questions is fundamental to start your research. Our clients are sure about these two important questions. They look for an elegant marble, of international appreciation, valid for both classic and modern designs. They request a natural stone with great resistance to endure time, with an easy maintenance and most of all they need a material with high quality and good price to adapt to their estimates. Therefore the Crema Marfil slabs and tiles have a great international demand. As to selecting the stone supplier, it depends on the reputation of each firm to trust and professional experience, two qualities that are specifically present, no matter what, at Manchamar.

All this together, with experience, with “know how” and our capacity of managing projects, makes us receive every year, more and more worldwide requests, choosing us, as Crema Marfil supplier. We manufactured this precious marble, which will after be part of homes, hospitals, hotels, train stations, air ports, public buildings or any other construction that may be imagined.


In this case, we have been entrusted with another Crema Marfil project: a new Commercial Center in Korea, which is expected to be inaugurated next August.  Here within, we enclose the first pictures of the laying out of the material, Crema Marfil tiles in 60×60 cm. We are very pleased with the results. And most of all we are happy because we have been able to fulfill the expectations that our clients contemplated at the beginning of the project. We are eager to see the inauguration pictures. From here, Manchamar wish you all the best of luck with the opening of this new project


Crema Marfil project
Crema Marfil polish tiles 60×60 cm
Crema Marfil project
Crema Marfil tiles fitted

End of the port strike in Spain

To all us who deal with international commerce, we have lived through a disastrous month of February, the worst ever. The port workers strike has paralyzed the entrances and departures of this country´s merchandise, with the consequent economical impacts.

But, What has happened exactly? To understand it we would have to start speaking about the Spanish port sector, a sector that is completely far off the rules of the game of what a liberal economy is, by stablishing special rights throughout the years, which are considered illegal by Europe. To start with, the Spanish legislation establishes that the contracting of longshoremen must be exclusively done through(SAGEP) The Anonymous Societies of Longshoremen management, whose mission is to select, train and manage the port workers in charge of loading and unloading. This situation is accompanied by inflexible costs of the contracting. The workers are registered under a longshoreman´s registration, which would be something like a license number which is declared by Brussels to violate the rights of free establishment. This situation is accompanied by inflexibility in the cost of the hiring, most of all in the loading and unloading, which consists of 51% of the expenses to handle the port merchandise.

This conflict has been going on since June 2013 and started when the European Committee decided to take Spain before the Court of Justice of the European Union (TJUE), after the Spanish government reuse to modify the contracting situation of the ports. In December 2014, the TJUE dictated that Spain must change its legislation and liberalize this sector. Between February and July of 2015, the negotiations began between the Port lockout, the Ministry of Development, and the State Coordinator for the Sea Worker. An agreement document was written out to serve as a basis to modify the present regulation. From that moment on, the negotiations frozen. First, because of the Election Campaigns (from September up to November 2015) and after, due to the lack of agreement between the political parties which delayed the new government during a whole year. After a halt in the negotiations for over a year, in 2017 the government announces its wish to fulfil the obligations imposed by Europe. This has made the longshoreman sector go on strike, as they felt that all their acquired rights throughout the years were in danger.

port strike in spain

The rest of the story, which is more recent, has been lived under great pressure and worry by the all firms, Spanish or not, dealing with sea commerce. Containers stacked up at the ports due to the lack of workers to load and unload, vessels that decided not to call at the Spanish ports, sea liners that would stop at our ports under the condition of doubling the freight costs, and accumulated products at the firm’s warehouses all around the country, waiting to reach the sea. In conclusion, enormous economical loses beared by firms of this country because of a fight that demanded to maintain the rights and privilege of only a few.

The strike is over for now, thanks to the support that this sector has received from the minority political parties, which have forced the government to give in to their requests, even if this means a million euro worth fine imposed by the European Union to Spain. This fine will have to be paid by all the Spanish people to benefit exclusively a minority of citizen.

At least for now the strike has been cancelled, and the next step is to wait for the Spanish port to be cleared. The usual merchandise of this season must go out along with everything that was unable to do so, due to the port halt. Meanwhile, the doubled freight cost will have to be beared.

Therefore, Manchamar wishes to let its clients know that we will continue being at your entire service for any doubt or assistance you may need by doing all we can for you.

Manchamar was present at Cevisama 2017

Last February 5th to 9th was the fair of Cevisama a new edition of an event that has been consolidated as a great reference in the ceramic industry and its related sectors, natural stone is one of the sectors that is present at this famous fair, positioning it as a meeting point for all of our international market suppliers. A professional ambiance for both supplier and visitors.


The people responsible of the International Area of Manchamar were able to confirm this great successful year by contacting professional staff from over 145 countries from the main firms with either stands or just visiting, distributors, project promotors, companies, architects, etc.

The area related to Natural Stone and Marble has been clearly represented by great leaders of this sector, emphasized by the traditional European market, northern countries, the United States, Russia and Eastern Europe, north Africa, and the Middle East as major origins.

This important meeting point has permitted Manchamar to evaluate the situation of this sector, to analyses all the products of Crema Marfil which continues being the most demanded and that is becoming even more international by investing in technology and innovation to offer the highest quality product. This is the basis of the firm and the correct path to follow for a continuous growth to become a reference in the worldwide market. Manchamar stands out due to the fact that we own our own quarry.

Cevisama 2018 – Manchamar will be pleased to meet you there.

Manchamar – among the firms of this sector which has invoiced the most in 2015

As every year, The Economist (national digital newspaper informing about economy) has published the ranking of the firms of the Stone Sector which have invoiced the most in Spain. After a hard year of intensive work, concentrated in offering the best Crema Marfil at the best price, we can say that the effort was worthwhile and we have managed to be among the Top Ten on this prestigious ranking. With only 20 employees and invoicing 13.213.277€, Manchamar has reached the 10th place among 1.054 firms which make up this sector, a position we have reached thanks to the help of all of our clients, our hard work and our great material.


We would like to emphasize the strong presence of the firms from Alicante in this ranking, where once again, the province of Alicante reaches a leading rank and reference on an international level for the natural stone market. If we focus exclusively on the firms located in the province of Alicante, we notice that Manchamar holds a very good 4th place invoicing in 2015.


Therefore, we can say that the numbers back us, that Manchamar once more continues being one of the firms of reference in the natural stone sector in general and in Crema Marfil particulary. thanks to the great quality of our prime material, meeting the requirements of both national and international market. Here at Manchamar, we are very pleased with these results and we are going to keep on making efforts to be at the Top in technology and innovation to therefore be able to offer our clients, our first quality Crema Marfil to all markets, as we have been doing from the beginning.

Through this publication, we wish to thank the trust and support of those who have helped us be among the Top Ten strongest firms of Spain: Our Clients, who are more our journey friends than our clients. Thank you for walking along with us!

Crema Marfil

For over 30 years Manchamar has been dedicated to the extraction and elaboration of Crema Marfil and has managed to become a great reference in this sector by maintaining its philosophy of offering the best Crema Marfil under the most competitive conditions. We have always been open to innovation, and a large amount of our benefits are re-invested to therefore enable us to work with the leading and top technology, both with quarry extraction and final elaboration of Crema  Marfil.

We wish to enphasize that the finish of the material is perfect by using epoxi resin throughout our polishing lines. Working with the best resins assures the greatest quality. By applying this resin on the face of each slabs offers the brightest shine possible the Crema Marfil is able to give and by using it on the back side we reinforce giving an extra strength to each piece.

Crema Marfil slabs
Crema Marfil Slabs

Crema Marfil is a gift from Mother Nature that permits us to fill with shiny life, all types of spaces from luxurious and spacious hotels to any small home or building used from hospitals, schools or offices. Manchamar enables you to carry out any of these projects, obtaining Crema Marfil from our quarries located in monte Coto. We elaborate it with ultimate care to present in cut-to-size or slabs to meet any need or requirement.

Advise the demands of your clients and we will give you the best solution. Contact us and find the Crema Marfil you need.


In just a few days we will be welcoming a brand New Year. As usual at this time of the season, we evaluate everything that has happened during the last 12 months. This year has been a great investment year, since we have installed our new polishing and reinforcement line for Crema Marfil slabs, which is working under full performance from the beginning of this year. Our policy is to always give an extra value to the clients; therefore we decided to use epoxy in the new polishing line. In this way, our quality does make a difference. We are ending another year, and we wish to thank above all the comments received from our clients. We have been congratulated for well-done jobs. This is our best reward after such a long year.

We wish all of you the Best New year´s Eve, to thus give way to the best beginning of 2017, thanking all of you for having been with us throughout another year.


Why should you choose buying Crema Marfil from Manchamar?

Alicante is the land that produces all the Crema Marfil which is supplied the world over. A great number of factories and trading companies crowd together to build up this business, which at present, have turned Crema Marfil into the most sold marble worldwide. The visitors who arrive to this town, located in southeastern Spain can easily find a great number of companies where they can purchase similar natural stone, and can even feel lost among the great offer they may find.

Crema Marfil slabs

After over 30 years in this business, Manchamar has detected an overall and growing worry among its clients. The great net of suppliers has overgrown, and it is harder and harder each day to find a serious and trustworthy supplier.

The reason is quite complicated and is due to several reasons; therefore a suitable answer can lead to many more questions, but what we know is what the client needs are:

  • A serious supplier to avoid problems of any kind when material reaches the warehouse.
  • Qualities and prices that totally correspond to the market standards and meet the requirements of each and every client.
  • All this = Manchamar


If you are one of those who share this issue, feel free to visit Manchamar, we will change your way of understanding this market and show you why we are different in seriousness, trust and person to person relationship, what means: A job very well done.

Do you want us to contact you? just leave us your contact details, we will contact you at the earliest.

Thanks for visiting us at Marmomacc 2016

And… one month later, we just wish to say: THANK YOU!

We have felt so welcomed during Marmomacc, for all the signs of affection we received from all of you. It was a great week full of meetings with all of our clients, who once again prove their trust in us throughout the years, and it was also a week of first new contacts. Many came to meet us for the first time, giving us the opportunity to present Manchamar and our Crema marfil.

To all of you, Clients and first time visitors, ¡Thanks for your support!

If you couldn´t visit Marmomacc, here you have some pictures of our stand.